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BBQ: Part 3 – TIPS Ok, we’ve shared some factoids, now it’s time to for some practical tips and perhaps some insights. For those of you thinking about purchasing one of those fancy gas grills, check out the June issue of Consumer Reports. They do some slicing and dicing on the good, the bad and […]

As we begin our summer of grilling, it is a smart human to be armed with wee facts, factoids. You’ll need them when polite chitchat wanes. Memorize these little tidbits to rekindle conversations. Especially when your neighbor’s wife’s cousin’s brother-in-law begins to drone one about the effectiveness of chlorine shock in securing a safe swimming […]

Barbecuing is a male enterprise. Yeah, women do it as well and are quite good at it, but when you envision a BBQ, your mind’s eye sees a guy, a BBQ grill and a beer. Perhaps it is a cultural bias, but that’s what we see.And why do men like bbq-ing? Lets see. There’s raw […]

Getting Bumped


Bumper stickers are so American. They are personal statements shouted to the world from safe inside a huge chunk of tin. We’d never say in public some of the things plastered on our bumpers. Would you go into a bar, sidle up to a stranger and say, “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re an […]