What2Buy ~ July & August


The long days, the summer heat, the beckoning of the outdoors, the summer movie season, all of these things and more keep many people out of stores. Merchants know this and plan accordingly. For the savvy, thrifty person, July & August are times to keep a keen eye out for deals and steals. The Frugal Yankee wants to help. Here are some things that will have their lowest prices of the year. As always, the Frugal Yankee never endorses buying anything unless it is needed and then when a good deal can be had.

Prices in many stores this year may not be as good as last year. This can be attributed to merchants being far smarter with their inventories. Last year they had too much on hand and needed, desperately, to unload stuff. The prices went south quickly and deeply. This year, it may not be as deep, but there are still deals to be had.

This is why man (woman) created closets and storage bins. Buy now for next year. The prices are rock bottom as merchants are clearing the decks for back to school and fall fashions. Go classic, not trendy to stay with the ever fluid, and sometimes, inane, fashion trends.

What’s that old joke about Paddy O’Furniture? Well, it’s no joke that any store selling outdoor seats, tables and other items will be cutting prices. The nearer the fall becomes, the lower the prices become. This is a time for the smart consumer to look ahead ten months and decide what the summer of 2011 will need. Then start looking for those items now. One word of caution, pay cash. Any sale item may lose it’s monetary edge if there are monthly payments with interest attached.

Keep a sharp eye for large department stores to hold and end of July ‘white sale’. Normally these only last a week and vary from region to region and even from store to store, but the prices will be quite good.

The Frugal Yankee is rarely in favor of buying a new car. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. A good used car will cost less and could last just as long, but there are many people who feel otherwise. If that is the case, the end of summer is when dealerships are offering incentives to consumers. Understand the market, read up on the vehicle in question, negotiate hard, then make an offer that suits your pocketbook, not theirs.

As the summer winds down, nurseries, like so many merchants, will be looking to get rid of inventory. Thinking ahead to next summer’s landscaping or garden projects is one way to save money. Plant a tree or shrub now when the prices are low, and it will have a head start  next spring.

The same is true for equipment. Lawnmowers, hoses, whatever, their prices will be dropping. Even consider buying seeds for next summer’s garden. Simply store them in the refrigerator and they’ll keep.

By the time late August rolls around everyone will be in high Back2School mode, but before that many stores will try to kick start the lazy days of summer by holding early back to school specials. Take advantage of the ‘loss leaders’ they are offering.

This may sound a bit odd, but tickets to certain live events can be had for pennies on the dollar. The city is hot. People are heading out of the them. To combat the loss of audience, prices may drop. Keep a sharp eye and entertainment can be had for a song.

The list is long this time of year as farms and gardens begin pumping out the bounty. Prices on produce will be as cheap as there are going to be. In these tough times, it makes very good sense to ‘put up’ some of the summer’s bounty for the winter. For example, go blueberry picking with the family. Get a whole bunch. Then spreading them out on a cookie sheet, freeze them. Then come a dreary, cold February day, pull some out and make fresh blueberry muffins. Re-live that summer day with memories and your own picked fruit.

There a few other things that should be on sale at your local supermarket, usually these are loss leaders, so take advantage of them.
Ice Cream, Hot dogs & buns, ice tea mix and bags, soda, grill supplies, peanut butter, jelly, yogurt and cereal. All of these items have traditionally gone on sale at sometime during July or August. Take advantage of the sales and stock up.

The next time we tackle this subject, we’ll be longing at What2Buy in September. In the meantime, be smart, spend money wisely and above all enjoy life.


The Frugal Yankee is opinionated and savvy, all about saving money.

Find put more by visiting Frugal Yankee.com


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