Oscar Snubs -2011


The Oscars nominations came out and as soon as they hit the airwaves, the pundits, mavens and know-it-alls all began to question why this person was left off, or how come this movie was snubbed. Well, heck, we’re no different. We looked at the list and wondered the same thing. So here is out list of films and people snubbed by that august body of geriatrics known as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In the Best Supporting Actress category, lots of people talked about Mila Kunis’ performance from BLACK SWAN. Yes, she was fine, but doesn’t it say more about Darren Aronovsky’s direction that he got such a good performance out of her? Remember BOOK OF ELI came out this year and Ms Kunis played it not as if she were in a post-apocalyptic world, but as if she were heading down to the Galleria Mall in the Valley.  Then others talked about Barbara Hershey in BLACK SWAN as well. Yeah, she was good. For my money, Juliette Lewis’ white trash meth head in CONVICTION was great turn. Too bad the film drifted off into oblivion, otherwise she might have been mentioned.

Keeping in the actress category, for Best Actress tow snubs were Julianne Moore and Emma Stone. Ms Moore as the counterpoint to Annette Bening in THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. Ms Bening is odds on favorite, but her performance would not have reach its stride without Ms Moore. In yet another smack down of comedy, Emma Stone’s EASY A performance was Oscar worthy. The film would have been another mindless teen comedy without her intelligence and comic timing. When will the Oscar honchos realize that comedy needs its own categories?

There will be lots of conversations about Justin Timberlake or Andrew Garfield were stiffed in the Best Supporting Actor category. Or how Mark Wahlberg’s co-stars all got nods, while he was left out of the ring, but the most egregious failures of this year’s Oscar nominations come in the directing category. How Christopher Nolan was omitted for INCEPTION is mind boggling? Or how come TOY STORY 3, the highest grossing film of the year and arguably one of the best was stiffed? In both cases their genre probably hurt them. Yes, they can be Best Film nominees, but the directors had less to do with it than some other aspect of the film. It is the bias of the voters which gravitate towards smaller, more dramatic films when it comes to direction. None of the five nominees made classic blockbusters. Yes TRUE GRIT and SOCIAL NETWORK have grossed extremely well, but that says more about the audience than the industry.

Another directorial snub was Ben Affleck’s THE TOWN. Affleck’s assurance and intelligence as a director makes anticipating his next film an optimistic endeavor. One final snub in the directorial category was Debra Granik for WINTER’S BONE. Taking a small premise, a minuscule budget, and unknown actor and turning it into one of the best films of the year is a hard task. Ignoring that feat, is an Oscar mistake.

When we sit back and analyze the Oscar nominations, it is easy to pick it apart and say, what about this one or that one? The people who vote for the Oscars do have their prejudices. These prejudices are evident. The next step is to guess what will actually win or lose. Come back soon to this column. There are predicators, tips and insights on how to get good at that. First tip,


One Response to “Oscar Snubs -2011”

  1. 1 Jeff Drake

    Ok we’re not really saying that Ben Affleck should get a “Best Director” nod here are we?! Is this one of those “We’re from Boston, so Affleck and Wahlberg should have gotten nominations.” ?

    In the real media centers where the work is really being done, it is understood that Wahlberg is playing what he knows and being a boxer from Boston isn’t any kind of a stretch.

    With respect to Affleck (and I use the term respect as such), The Town was very well done and his work should be commended, but it’s still not Oscar calibur.

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