PLAYBOY – No More Staples


No more hiding them under the mattress or stored away in the attic. Playboy has announced a new service called, where those looking for the articles can find the entire 60 year collection of Playboys digitized, cover to cover. Opinions vary as for the services chances at success. Some claim Playboy’s initiative is too dated. Others think it will find a niche audience.

Me? I was amazed to find that Playboy still published a magazine.
Maybe we’re getting nostalgic for the good old days like the 50s and 60s when corseted clad babes in high heels was naughty enough to titillate a society. That nostalgic angle gets more play when you consider one of the new TV shows hitting the broadcast air this fall is situated in a Playboy Club, and called THE PLAYBOY CLUB circa early 60’s.

The drama seems to be blending several concepts near and dear to Hollywood’s mercenary heart. They want to tap into the MAD MEN zeitgeist, they want to show beautiful young women’s bodies off, and the format allows for multiple story lines.

If well done, the show could spark a resurgence in all things PLAYBOY. Not sure if that’ll be a good thing or not. For example,  if you take a close look at the trailer, the cinematography fetishistically adores the ‘Playboy key’, a faded item of power & remembrance. Washing the Playboy Clubs with a brush of nostalgia will say more about our current sexual confusion than about the actual time of their ascendancy.

Doesn’t this all sound like a quaint anachronism?


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