debitcards, frugal, finances
By now you must have heard that the big banks are planning on charging customers up to $5 per month for them to use their debit cards. For them it is simply another cash flow stream at the expense of the customers who bank with them.

There is no sense in asking their upper management to take less money or their overpaid CEOs to forego their ‘bonuses’ for either the good job or bad job they have don. No, they want to stick their hands into the pockets of the regular folks out there to make their bottom line look attractive to those folks over on Wall Street.

Now some savvy smaller banks are hoping to use this avariciousness to their advantage by offering better deals. One hopes there are enough smart, rural people out there who will drop those big banks and go with these smaller, more community oriented financial institutions.
debitcards, frugal, finances
But here’s a thought.

Let’s really muck them up. Let’s do something that is time proven, smart and we all know that works. Use cash.

Think about it for a second. If we all start using cash, we will be much more frugal. Studies have shown that people who use cash are less likely to indulge in impulse buying. When we see the money go from our pocket to someone else’s, we tend to be more hesitant.

Yet what I really like is that if more and more of us start using cash, the whole credit structure will have its foundation shaken. Then those over paid CEOs and bean counters will have to worry that their market is diminishing. The vision of those greedy bastards finally realizing that we, the American people, are not a bunch of chickens to be plucked whenever they choose, is simply delightful.
debitcards, frugal, finances
Sadly, I saw one TV ‘man on the street’ interview with a woman who said, it won’t be so bad. It’s only $5 month. All I could think is, ‘what a sucker?’ Is that what Americans think when it comes to money? No wonder we’re voting for a bunch of mediocre leaders. We can’t tell the difference between getting screwed and being treated with respect.

Oh well, I think I’ll go back to my vision of those fat cats getting scared. I like that much better. I can dream, can’t I?


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