A woman in Michigan has sued DRIVE distributor, Film District, over the trailer for the aforementioned film. It seems the woman was upset because her expectations of the film were based on the trailer. She wanted something akin to FAST & FURIOUS. The lawsuit complains that the film bore no resemblance to the trailer, showed “racism against member of the Jewish faith” and disappointed her. The woman, Sarah Deming, is seeking her money back and the halting of production of trailers like the one she saw.

I love this lawsuit. It says so many things at once. It is hard to know where to start, but let’s try.

The woman clearly doesn’t know how to ask for her money back from a theater. Perhaps she tried and the manager of that particular theater said no, but to take the matters to court seems excessive. Besides everyone knows trailers are simple lures. Just because she fell victim to its inducements says more about her than the movie.

The best thing about this lawsuit if that it succeeds in any measure, will be the starting to see lawsuits concerning commercials. For example McDonald’s, they are promoting “love” and McFlurries. The last time I checked my hamburger did not return my love. Is that alienation of affection, or maybe affliction?

Or how about a commercial for open of those male body washes where the geek gets the more than one girl simply by slathering himself in a chemical. Think of that lawsuit, the geek buys the product, slathers himself and gets nada at the local night club. The suffering, humiliation and pain should be worth millions. Then think of the millions who have suffered the same fate. It boggles the mind.

I certainly hope Ms Deming’s lawsuit works. I can’t wait top see the advertising industry actually be forced to have standards and I can’t wait to have every schmuck in the country file a lawsuit because they didn’t get what they thought they should be watching or reading an ad. The poor babies.


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