About The Frugal Yankee

A frugal yankee is smart and thrifty. Traditional New Englanders made the most of everything. They held on to the old and adopted the new to enhance their lives. They became leaders in business, culture and politics. Now incessant advertising and unbridled consumerism have eroded those traditions.

This is where Garen Daly and Louise Reilly Sacco come in. They are the Frugal Yankees. The web site is FrugalYankee.com where conversations, podcasts, tips, ideas and more live. It’s all about being smart and thrifty. This is Garen’s blog.


9 Responses to “About The Frugal Yankee”

  1. Oh, hi, Frugal Yankee(s)! I’m the Poverty Dieter from Texas. I think we have a similar viewpoint. I saw your SATC post on the WordPress home page. Amen, is all I have to say. I always thought the excesses on that show were slightly offensive. Good show, but geez…..

  2. 4 Trey

    me and neighbors are currently using freenapkin.com because the site has everything free on it that you could ever need plus you dont have to fill out surveys and there is no point system so it is way better than most sites id say but worth mentioning since you are all about frugal no spending type stuff in your blogs.

  3. Terrific Site frugalyankee! I used to do art design for low budget independent films and learned very quickly how to be frugal. I once outfitted the ‘art dept’ of a low-budget zombie apocalypse horror film for under two hundred dollars. I could only afford thee body parts to mix and match through the whole film, which I just kept adapting. I look forward to delving more into your site!

    -Robert Lee

    • How coincidental! Besides frugality, film is my other love. Right now I am planning a 9 day horror fest in Boston.Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words.

  4. Love your site man keep up the good work

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