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Great tailgating doesn’t mean leaving frugality and quality back at the home stead.


Reports of toxic chemicals emanating from non-stick pots and pans are abounding



The British are doing something about those rats with the long furry tails. They are eating them.

Free BBQ Pit


As a Frugal Yankee , we are always on the look out for smart and thrifty ways to save money and enjoy life. Sometimes these ideas are found in books, or magazines or newspapers. Sometimes they are passed on from person to person or generation to generation. And sometimes they come by email. The following […]

BBQ: Part 3 – TIPS Ok, we’ve shared some factoids, now it’s time to for some practical tips and perhaps some insights. For those of you thinking about purchasing one of those fancy gas grills, check out the June issue of Consumer Reports. They do some slicing and dicing on the good, the bad and […]