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“…the male pheromone is mostly closely related to the scent of a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich.”


“Once ignorance gets started, it knows no bounds.”

  (January 1, 2009) 2008 couldn’t end soon enough. Forget about the tanking economy. Everywhere we turned, there was a new problem and no good solutions. Thank God. 2008 is so yesterday. So let’s become a modern Cassandra and read the herbal teas leaves.  Here are our predictions for 2009. Personal grooming will gain a […]

Free BBQ Pit


As a Frugal Yankee , we are always on the look out for smart and thrifty ways to save money and enjoy life. Sometimes these ideas are found in books, or magazines or newspapers. Sometimes they are passed on from person to person or generation to generation. And sometimes they come by email. The following […]

As we begin our summer of grilling, it is a smart human to be armed with wee facts, factoids. You’ll need them when polite chitchat wanes. Memorize these little tidbits to rekindle conversations. Especially when your neighbor’s wife’s cousin’s brother-in-law begins to drone one about the effectiveness of chlorine shock in securing a safe swimming […]

Barbecuing is a male enterprise. Yeah, women do it as well and are quite good at it, but when you envision a BBQ, your mind’s eye sees a guy, a BBQ grill and a beer. Perhaps it is a cultural bias, but that’s what we see.And why do men like bbq-ing? Lets see. There’s raw […]

Getting Bumped


Bumper stickers are so American. They are personal statements shouted to the world from safe inside a huge chunk of tin. We’d never say in public some of the things plastered on our bumpers. Would you go into a bar, sidle up to a stranger and say, “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re an […]