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“The disconnect is not with the average family, but with the economists.”


We better not only get used to it and change the way we think.



  As a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Yes, I know you’ve heard this a million times and the constant beating of that drum may be falling on deaf ears. We all know there is serious medical issues which we will all ending paying for, but there is another issue. It’s BIG BOTTOMS. […]

Gas is still expensive. Heat for the coming winter is mind boggling. If the prices at the  supermarket haven’t risen, then the size of the product has been reduced. No matter where we look, our family budget is being assaulted. Most of us are not like the Federal Government wh ich can float bonds to […]

OK, we are all concerned about the incredibly high price of gas, the Frugal Yankee is not interested in ascribing blame, other than to say short sighted politicians and short sighted car manufacturers and short sighted consumers only have themselves to blame. Now, everyone is scrambling around trying to figure out what to do ne […]

Father’s Day is this Sunday. The history and the impact of this pseudo-holiday is best elft to others, but the Frugal Yankee does want lay out a few factoids. First up, Americans lack imagination when it comes to  gifts to dads. The two most popular gifts are neckties and some tools. Gee, did you lay […]

Buy One, Get One Free is NOT free.  It may be a great price.  But it may just push you to buy more than you need. (do comparison) If you have to buy products and send in proof-of-purchase, it’s not free.  You’re paying for it by buying the product.  If it’s something you’re going to buy […]